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Vincent Gambini: The Chore of Enchantment

The world is in turmoil, the news cycle is spinning out of control. Can magic provide the much-needed solace for these difficult times? Vincent Gambini is not so sure.

Disillusioned by global news events, struggling with ‘magician’s block’, Gambini performs astonishing feats of sleight-of-hand, whilst simultaneously laying bare the hidden difficulties of being a conjuror in the 21st century. Is magic mere escapism, a childish distraction from urgent world problems?

As the show progresses, a strange mystery gradually unfolds: has Gambini in fact long retired from show business, and is this very show nothing but a dream-memory of his final performance?

Combining deadpan comedy with jaw-dropping sleight-of-hand magic, The Chore of Enchantment plays expertly with deception, artifice and theatrical make-believe.

Following from the critically acclaimed This is not a magic show (2015-2016), the new performance sees Gambini working on a larger scale: no longer sitting at a table doing close-up magic, but standing on stage with a microphone, performing with music and voice over effects.

Pay What You Can Afford.
Doors open 7.30pm, show starts 8pm.

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