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Catherine Hoffmann: Free Lunch with the StenchWench

A humiliating scrap with growing up skint in flat broke Britain.

Charting the drive for survival and fitting in, the StenchWench shares stories of growing up as one of the ‘feral underclass’ whilst precariously existing in Austerity Britain today. Cheap clothes, thrifty bread, cold baths, and debauched disadvantaged dancing are unleashed as she natters and sings about how to get by.

In a climate of Thatcher’s Britain and unemployment she chronicles her itinerant childhood in the 70’s and 80’s. Now, fully fledged she strives to overcome the humiliation of ‘lack’ and celebrates our spirit of community and hope at a time of even more disparity between the privileged and the hard-up.

Expect a one-woman flea circus doled up with live songs, faded glory, austerity pants, mouldy scones and hot chocolate.

A cross between Performance art, stand-up, a gig and a call to arms.
Desperate Optimists


Pay What You Can Afford
Doors open 7.30pm, starts 8pm.

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