Church Street


Lyngo Theatre Presents "Tom Thumb"

A show by Marcello Chiarenza
Adapted and performed by Patrick Lynch
Original music by Carlo Cialdo Capelli
Assistant director Gianni Bissaca
Design assistant Elena Marini

One night tiny Tom overhears Mum and Dad talking - there's nothing left to eat so they are going to leave him and his six brothers in the forest! Outwitting his parents and the ogre Tom shows everybody that even though he is small he is still mighty as he protects his brothers, finds the treasure and makes sure they'll never be hungry again. Performed entirely on and under a kitchen table this wee wonder of a show is full of Lyngo magic with feathery spinning birds, a flying house and a portable forest. Cbeebies Patrick Lynch, who has been performing it for more than a decade, brings this classic story to life in a playful and fascinating show.It's a story about being afraid, being hungry, but most of all it's a story about playing and having fun, which Tom does better than anybody. This is a show to put in your pocket and take home.


Perfect for ages 5 and over.

All Tickets £4.95
Doors open 1.30pm, show starts at 2pm.

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