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Idles + Rad Pitt + Abode

IDLES met as a quintet at the death of the indie scene in Bristol and began making visceral and sometimes unlistenable post-punk to a growing crowd. They began with their own club night Batcave and practicing religiously until they felt they had found their sound and their live show; with that in check they have now completed their first album and are savaged in hunger to play their music. They want to give themselves and their art to the audience in a concise and violent way unrivalled by their peers. They have no qualms in terrifying and entertaining in the same breath. They celebrate their influences in a vitriolic and belligerent sound that is both familiar and new. They are a nose-bleed on the ears and they're here to show you they care.

“IDLES are hard to capture, because they're not Fat White Family, they're not Sleaford Mods, they are very much their own incarnation of uncompromising rhythmical punk rock. Lyrically, a mixture of dry obsessional humour and poetic slogans. But, best of all, they really get the adrenalin pumping". Steve Lamacq BBC6 Music

"Wilder than a very wild thing marked wild in the wild shop in the middle of the wild wild
wood. An IDLES live show is not quite like anything that you have ever seen or heard. Its
got all the ingredients taken from rock n roll's rich history but the synthesis is entirely
their own. The wild men of Bristol". Tom Robinson BBC6 music

Support: RAD PITT

Support: ABODE

All tickets £7.
Doors open 7.30pm.

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