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Ghosts of Atlantis + Existentialist + Draugrheim

This gig is for a standing audience.

Hailing from Suffolk in the United Kingdom, Ghosts Of Atlantis are a dark symphonic metal band that carry a wealth of experience.

Ghosts Of Atlantis (G.O.A) features both present, and past members of Devilment, Failed Humanity, The Conflict Within, and Cold Lazarus.

Ghosts Of Atlantis released their critically acclaimed debut album in 2021 with a fantastic response across mainstream and underground media alike. A slew of Shows followed in the late summer of 2021 with the bands debut at Bloodstock Open Air Festival. The band have continued playing shows and festivals across the UK, and 2023 saw Ghosts Of Atlantis head out for their first shows and festival appearances in mainland Europe.

The Fall of 2023, will see the release of the Sophomore album "Riddles Of The Sycophants" through Hammerheart Records BV.

Existentialist is a 5-piece Blackened Death Metal band who have just released their second full length "The Heretic". After playing Bloodstock in 2022 Existentialist signed to Seek and Strike to release their second album, performing a string of sold-out headline shows through the first half of 2023 and raking in a plethora of 8 and 9 star reviews. The combination of dark vocals, aggressive guitars, intense drumming and sinister yet epic orchestral sections creates a beautifully morbid blend of noise. The energy the quintuplet bring to their performances makes this band one not to miss.

Emerging from the depths of East Anglia, a scattered band of like-minded souls, Draugrheim came together to create monumental, metallic riffs, grooves and hooks to forge their brand of Nordic Melodic Metal.From mead-soaked feasting hall tunes to blood-drenched and vicious neck-snappers, Draugrheim come to claim victory on the stages of all lands!

Tickets £8
Doors open 7.30pm, starts 8pm.

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