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The Askew Sisters *

Emily and Hazel Askew have become known as two of the foremost performers and interpreters of English Folk Music. Together they rework and interpret songs and balladry, creating breathtaking arrangements, which allow words that are hundreds of years old to resonate profoundly with contemporary audiences.

Both are skilled multi-instrumentalists and expert players of dance music, using fiddles, melodeons, concertina and cello in their innate drive to bring old dance music to life.

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Kate Waterfield writes: ‘We are the first and only, all-female, sea shanty crew from Southend-on-Sea. Possibly. As our town is steeped in fishing and cockling industries, we have been lured naturally to singing sea shanties, the sailors’ working songs, telling the stories of our culture and heritage. We are passionately committed to ensuring that these songs remain in the public domain and are not lost at sea.’

Tickets £11 / £10 concessions.
Doors open 7.45pm.

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