Church Street


John Hegley: I Am A Poetato

The book of the show, as reviewed by Adèle Geras for Armadillo magazine:

'Hegley has a sense of humour and a view of the world that is so delightfully off beam that anything he writes about is transformed. A zebra in his bestiary is not striped but spotted and why not? The little sketches he’s drawn are hilarious even without the words, but his skewed and fantastical vision informs even the most normal-seeming creatures. His world is ready to turn in an instant into somewhere most odd and he just goes with the flow and behaves as if this is all completely okay and not to be wondered at but rather accepted.'

The show is aimed at anyone over seven or so, has joining in and singing and lasts for an hour.

Tickets £7 / £6 concessions.
 Family (A family group of 4, including at least 1 child).
Doors open 1.30pm, starts 2pm.

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