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Colchester Fringe Festival: Toby - L*dyL*ke

Gender inequality casts a long shadow over society. Sort it out! 

With intense physicality L*dyL*ke explores the harm of a rigid gender binary. 

The term 'feminism' was coined in 1837, but gender equality -- or lack thereof -- still casts a long shadow over modern British society. TOBY explores the monotony and constrictions of stereotypical gender roles through intense physical performance; exploring mainstream modern perplexities regarding the subversion of everyday gender performance and hierarchy, and the harm that rigid gender binaries inflicts on all of us.

Using a contemporary movement style, TOBY has created an abstract representation of the above ideas. This running theme throughout the work is a reflection of the frustration and despair often felt by those who are continually trying to dismantle these gender binaries that are overwhelmingly woven into our everyday existence. If we look at how much we have progressed since 1837 it is astounding, but the current socio-political climate is posing an imminent threat to this progression. L*dyL*ke, although somewhat negative with its overall portrayal of the difficulties faced daily in the fight for equality is ultimately a piece of work that represents and celebrates the sheer determination of those who continue to fight.

Age 16 years + , Adult themes
Tickets £8
Doors open 6.30pm, Show starts 7pm

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