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The Cistern Chapel - Thank You Afternoon

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the new toilets at Colchester Arts Centre, you are in for a treat as they have been transformed into the new Cistern Chapel.

Working with Architects Inkpen Downie and Artist Anne Schwegmann-Fielding, the Arts Centre have created what is becoming known as the best toilets in town.

During lockdown, the generous people of Colchester stepped out of their homes to donate their old blue and white crockery to the Arts Centre. Along with the crockery, pennies (old and new) were collected. For those not old enough to remember, this is in reference to the slang to “Spend a penny” as this is what it cost to use the toilet!

All these materials were carefully selected, cut and arranged to form a series of mosaics. Photos were fired onto porcelain tiles including images of past performers, press cuttings and even Anthony Roberts’ letter of application for director. These were all embedded into the mosaic. Even the toilet basins have been transformed. Working with Anne’s designs for the mosaic, Artist Shermaine Slocombe created a contemporary willow pattern design also incorporating the iconic Art Centre “lawnmower man”.

This is a chance to say Thank You to all of you who donated items, a chance to see if you can spot your old plate, or faces you might recognise and a chance to have a good look around and ask questions. Whether you donated items or not, we would love to see you and help celebrate the next stage in the little Church’s varied history.

There will also be an informal Q and A with Anthony and Anne.

Refreshments available!

Doors open 12pm, starts 12.30pm.
Finishes 2.30pm.
Admission Free.

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