Church Street


Akercocke + Hecate Enthroned + Terra

Extreme and somewhat controversial metal from London, taking cues from Black and Death metal with a devilishly twisted progressive angle.

Akercocke 2016 sees founder members Jason Mendonca & David Gray re-joined by original guitarist Paul Scanlan. The line-up is completed by Nathanael Underwood.

They are presently working on their sixth studio album – ‘Renaissance in Extremis.’ Expect new atmospheres, musical diversity, the sublime and the ridiculous.

Hecate Enthroned emerged as one of the most intense bands to come out of the Black Death Metal scene. Dedicated to delivering their own brand of truly evil metal with little regard to politics or the trends of popular demand.

Terra are an Atmospheric Black metal band from Cambridge, England, who have quickly left a lasting impression on the British underground circuit. Incorporating elements of Drone, Doom and Post-rock, Terra generate a unique and intense form of obscure music with dark, brooding bass lines and terrific elemental drumming to create an experience that ebbs, flows, leaps and soars through a panoply of emotions, textures and moods. Terra continue to establish themselves with their latest album 'Mors Secunda'; a relentless statement of intent to draw the listener into their realm of oppressive hypnotism.

All tickets £13.50.
Doors open 7pm.

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