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John Dipper & Dave Malkin *

"Moving and thrilling. There aren’t many who can sculpt music and song in this way…" – Verity Sharp, Late Junction, BBC

This inspiring new guitar and fiddle duo is the meeting place for new ideas to meld with traditional song and dance tunes, the result being beautifully honed new works, breaking new ground yet rooted within the tradition. John has appeared at the club many times with Alma, Jordan Patterson and Dipper and The English Acoustic Collective.

Support: Karen & Colin Cater
Also known for their visual arts company Hedingham fair, Karen and Colin have been veteran performers at the club. As well as being one of the folk world's best artists and designers, Karen is a sweet singer, mean banjo player and crisp percussionist. Colin is known for his melodeon and Anglo Concertina playing, and has written songs very much in a traditional style.

Tickets £10 / £9 concessions
Doors open 7.45pm.

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